About us

Seasight is a dedicated investment office that wants to continue the success of its founder as well as his family. It is established in 2014 and based in Luxembourg and is focussed on investments in three areas:
–          Commercial and residential real estate
–          Private equity and debt
–          Financial markets
Seasight Holdings sets up the investment strategies and the assets allocation, decides to employ investment managers and selects and monitors investments in real estate or private equity/debt. We manage risks, conduct due diligences, prevent frauds, monitor the assets allocation and are always looking for long term investment results for the family and its individuals members.
Seasight Holdings stands for:
–          A long-term investment strategy
–          A thorough and structured decision-making process
–          Sound finance-orientated skills
–          Discretion
–          Own investments as well as co-investment opportunities
–          Preferred geographical areas: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg